What is Normal? Who Decides? Why?

I was watching the morning news (if you can call it that), and the story was about the new “trend” of women having babies without being married.  They gave examples of numerous celebrities who were doing this and then the “experts” suggested that the celebrities make all the rest of us mindless lemmings feel that this is “normal”.

I was highly insulted and found the whole thing extremely disturbing.  I generally have a very laissez faire attitude about what people do in their lives but on this particular topic, choosing to be a single mom, barring specific situations (nothing is ever as simple as black and white) I am traditional and conservative.  I will try not to get on the soapbox about this issue since it is not the main point of this post but children need daddies, period.  Society needs for children to have daddies.  Common sense, people.

Anyway, the suggestion that celebrities or anyone else should affect peoples’ actions by skewing their perception of normalcy is a travesty!  This not only goes for the issue of deliberate single motherhood.  It goes for virtually everything!  Body type, hair color, height, sexual habits, chosen careers, family size, alcohol and drug consumption, age for certain milestones, and I could go on and on for days.

What if we all did what made us happy, without following some external trends, set by others?  Why would anybody trust “trendsetters” to decide what they should do in their individual lives?  Not me! Why you gotta be normal?  What is there to gain from being normal?  Be bodacious enough to follow your own passions. Do what you want to do because you want to already!

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