Fab Friday: A Candid Talk about Hair


Remember her “long luxurious blonde hair”?

Since I could understand words, we have been obsessed with having long hair. From expensive potions to DIY wives’ tales, super hair gro grease and everything in between was bought and sold in the name of getting long hair like the Asian lady on Soul Train. But that was back in the 1970s.

Fast forward to now, the obsession still exists but of course there are more ways to feed it: Weaves and wigs. Now I don’t want to get beat up, but I hate them both. It perpetuates a dark and nasty history that I would just prefer to forget. I’m not even going into the cultural implications of the wig and weave craziness because you all know what I’m talking about. Now you can just buy hair as long as you want, but is that really such a great thing? And then the natural hair movement came along (a good thing) but with it came a cryptic classification system for identifying texture and length that I still don’t get (until now, writing this post) and photos of people tugging at the back of their hair to prove how long it is, What in the hell!??:

Really, ladies? This just seems desperate.Long hair does not look good on everyone. It doesn’t even look nice on most people. But healthy, well styled hair looks fabulous on everyone, no matter whether it’s long, short, cropped, classic, edgy, colored, nappy, straight, or whatever. So let’s progress to the next level, shall we? Consider face shape, personality, and habits to get some ideas. Then make a plan. Do your research around town about who the great hairstylists are. Look for ones who won’t just slap any old thing on your head, leaving it damaged and in need of some miracle to get it back into shape. Look for stylists that have the ability and skill to deliver the look you dream of, but that can be maintained without frying your hair to death. Do your homework before you let the new stylist touch your head.

Finally, have a talk with your stylist about maintaining your new style at home between salon visits, especially if you’re forking over a lot of dough for those visits. Think about gray coverage, color touchups, maintaining softness, shine, and avoiding damage. Then really consider the commitment to this maintenance before you choose a style.

Be bold and rock that new style!

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