6 Simple Steps to Gorgeous–No makeup, plastic surgery, or Photoshop necessary.

Photo: Matthew Rolston

This photo is featured in O Magazine, of normal size supermodel, Katie Halchishick and founder of Healthy is the New Skinny, posing naked with surgeon’s markings indicating how much of her would need to be chopped off to give her the same proportions as the toy she’s holding. Whaaa?

The same way that greed is the root of evil, negative body image is the root of ugliness.  Have you ever witnessed the not-super-attractive woman walk into a room and light it up like a Xmas tree?  How does she do it?  She does it the same way that so many pretty women make themselves hideous by shlumping around being catty and self loathing.  It’s all in your mind’s image of yourself.

So, what if regardless of how you feel about dolls, celebrities, etc., you KNEW you were beautiful without question.  How would life be for you and the women around you? Now consider what is keeping you from this belief.  The corporate media?  Everybody else who’s influenced by the corporate media?

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others.  This includes false corporate media images, how you were 20 years ago, or other women you know.  Just stop.  You are you and that’s that.
  2. Refrain from criticizing other women. You may not even realize that sometimes we do this out of sheer habit, sometimes out of jealousy of something else that woman has, or even vicariously self-hating.
  3. When you walk outside or into a room imagine that you are what you consider to be drop-dead gorgeous.  No, you may not believe it (yet) but just go with it and trust me, your confidence level will skyrocket.  Hold your head up, don’t hunch, make eye contact, and smile.
  4. Release your diet obsession. Try not to allow guilt and regret ruin a fantastic food experience.  If you’ve had too much of a good thing forget about it.  Next time just consciously decide what and how much you want to put into your body beforehand.
  5. I’m not gonna tell you to do something corny like stand in the mirror naked and admire your parts.  I will tell you to just try to be conscious of the negative dialogue with yourself when you see your reflection.  It would be ideal if you could begin to shut down that hurtful self talk and just be neutral.  If you don’t have anything nice to think about your parts, then don’t think about them.  Is it really necessary to impose a negative or positive judgement to every single thing?  Do you have that much time on your hands?
  6. Look for beauty all around you.  Notice when other women look attractive and don’t be afraid to comment.  (No, it doesn’t make you gay, and if you are who cares?) Complimenting others has a strange but positive effect on how you feel about yourself.  Try it once a day and see what happens.

Feel free to try these suggestions and comment if you like.

UPDATE: I just accidentally discovered that today is Love Your Body Day!  Check out the blog carnival for more inspiration.

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