A Healthy Lifestyle CAN be Simple and Luxurious!

It’s true, this is where women who are at risk for developing jankified lifestyle-induced illnesses AND love good food turn things around with a simplified real food healthy eating plan that makes them feel more like indulgent goddesses than prisoners in healthy crap hell so that they can eliminate those health risks, lose weight and ace their next physical exam.

You’re smart, you’re successful, but you need the knowledge, tools and logistical support to get you (and your family) grubbin’ like foodies, exercising without hating it, and feeling vibrant, energized and sexy in your favorite old jeans again.

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Calories Shmalories

It’s ingrained in our minds that the moral of all our weight issues is calories in, calories out. A calorie is a calorie so count them like you count your dollars. So we take that regimented, clinical approach, and it may work for a while but eventually the results taper off and come to a screeching halt. So we fiddle with the numbers some more and get teeny-tiny or no results. It’s frustrating! What gives?

First, calories DO matter. But they are not the ONLY thing that matters, because if that were the case, very calmemefew people would be fat. Generally, you do have to be mindful of those calories because ultimately, unburned calories get stored as fat. However, the NUMBER of calories is not the whole story, or even the main idea.

We all know people who eat like a billion calories a day and aren’t overweight. If calories in calories out were the answer, these people would eat and eat and then explode because there is only so many calories that can be burned off. Any person could run at top speed all day long and still not burn off every calorie that they ate on Thanksgiving, or example. But why don’t they blow up?

Calories matter not only because of how many you eat, but how many of them your body decides to store. Bodies decide to store fat for a multitude of reasons, which is not necessarily a bad thing because many of those reasons come from the body’s natural instinct to survive. Your body has a built in system to keep you alive by rationing your stored fat reserves in hard times. Hard times like famine, illness, stress, inflammation, etc. It was meant to be a good thing. But somewhere the good thing went awry. [Read more...]

Women, Weight Loss, and Reversing Lifestyle Illnesses

Oh boy! I’m working something so fabulous, so delicious you will want to be a part of this! But my first step is to get some valuable information to get this thing going. This program to help women learn to eat to lose weight and reverse the risk of lifestyle induced illnesses (prediabetes, obesity, heart disease, hypertension) will be:

  • comprehensive (all you need in one place)
  • highly personalized
  • interactive (not just instruction)
  • permanent; easy to maintain
  • adaptable to any lifestyle
  • fun; the whole family will go along

It’s not a bootcamp, a diet, or a bunch of supplements. I’ve done tons of research and I fully understand how our bodies work and I’ll share it with you in a simple, common sense format that you’ll be able to use forever.

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So please, ladies take a few moments to complete my survey. I promise you won’t regret it! Thanks!


The Problem with Clean Eating

When people ask me what Nutrilicious Living is, sometimes I tell them that it’s basically this:

clean eating + incidental exercise + fun movement boosters.

eating soapHow else can I quickly describe it? But what I’ve been noticing is that clean eating is not a static or fixed term. People are running around like banshees chastising and finger-wagging at the masses about what’s good, pious, pure and pristine as opposed to bad, evil, nasty and squalid. What the hayell…it’s not like that!!

I was reading some magazine that described clean eating like this: it means joylessness, piety, self-regard, self-delusion and staggering pomposity. Gwyneth Paltrow “eats clean”, which tells you all you need to know. What she’s doing has also been described as a crackpot diet.

All this time I thought clean eating was meant to be non-dogmatic, not extremist, and certainly not a diet! Yet I’m seeing stuff like this as clean eating requirements: [Read more...]

Letting Go of Little “Isms” to Start Fresh

Every now and then I’m talking to someone and they ask what I do. But after I barely get the words food and lifestyle coach out, they frown and launch into this loud


Followed by:

Ah can’t be (fill in the blank with some random healthy lifestyle behavior)

Ah can’t be…

Ah can’t be…

Now I usually just shrug it off and keep it moving but this time I just zoned out thinking about this while they went on and on about why they can’t be living a healthy lifestyle. And btw, I wasn’t trying to recruit or sell anything to this person.

So then I thought about something I learned back in the day in tantra training. It was about holding on to stories (isms). It’s a function of the ego to protect us from pain. The side effect of this protection is that it forces us to always play a part in that story, even if it means living a lie. [Read more...]

8 Colossal Mistakes that Sabotage Healthy Eating Efforts

Even for the savvy, it’s a jungle out there when it comes to eating for health. Most of the confusion is because of the foodlabelsmultimillion dollar health and weight loss product industries like it that way, so that they can continue to successfully peddle their wares. But knowing a few key tips will help with the journey.

1. Not having any goal

So you’re gonna “eat healthy”. That’s fantastic! What are you trying to accomplish? *crickets* There are so many vastly different ways of healthy eating. And the definition of healthy, based on the individual, varies just as much.

I see this sometimes in my office kitchen when I’m heating up my lunch. Sometimes a coworker comes in and sees what I’m eating (btw, I’m not a nutriligious attention whore, seeking comments and questions about the food I’m eating) and immediately launches into some unprovoked apologetic soliloquy about how they’re trying to “eat better”, while I stand there with a blank stare on my face. Then I say something mildly supportive as I walk away wondering what the hell that was about.

I never say it but I walk away wondering what exactly they meant by “eating better”?

Do you want to eat more nutritious food? Less salty? Less sugary? More plant based? Less processed? All of the above? For weight loss? Reversing diabetes? Lowering high blood pressure? Reducing heart disease danger? Eliminating inflammation? What? If you know what you’re trying to do, it would be much, much easier.

2. Taking seriously what “they” say (not knowing who the source is)

The other day I was talking to a relative who doesn’t keep up with food and health issues as intensely as I do. He kept starting his sentences with “They say,…” When I couldn’t take it any more I broke down and questioned about who “they”is (not they are, “they is considered a single entity here). He could never tell me who the “they” was who said that (across the board, even my homemade whole grain vegetable loaded) pizza is bad for you (everybody in the whole world).

Now I was playing around but I really know vaguely who “they” is. It’s some half-baked, out of context study conducted by some alarmist quack or a corporation with economic interests and presented on a dumbed-down news program. Not only are the studies often too limited or flawed, (yes I am such a geek, I actually dig them up and read them myself) but the reporters delivering the information don’t understand it themselves, or else they’d never let that nonsense come out of their mouths.

“They” is not a reliable authority. Seriously, any old body can do a “scientific” experiment and then have it published for you to read on the innanets or for the Morning News for Dummies to fixate on. [Read more...]

Vegan, Vegetarian, or Flextarian: Choosing an Eating Style

What you should knowbalancedomni

I am going to break it on down for you and dispel some crazy myths.

These days there are all kinds of ways to eat for all kinds of reasons:

  • vegan

  • vegetarian

  • flexitarian (omnivore, I only call it that for grammatical reasons)

There are myriad more ways of eating such as fruititarian, pescatarian, raw vegan, paleo, gluten free but I’m not covering them here.

Get Ready!

  • The first thing to do is to get out of your feelings. That means don’t judge (people), just stick with the facts because there are healthy, unhealthy and in-between ways of eating no matter whether you choose to go vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian.

  • Forget about who else doing what because this is a highly personal decision. Most importantly, reject blanket statements and approach with an open mind and light heart.

  • Don’t go around prothelesizing your chosen nutriligion because what’s good for you may not be good to someone else, and vice versa.

  • Don’t assume that all vegans are always scrawny and have perfectly smooth skin or that all omnivores are unhealthy and obese because neither is true.

  • Consider other aspects of your lifestyle. Are you on the go, will food restriction be too challenging for you? Will restrictive eating disrupt your social life?

  • Don’t self identify with your eating style, you are much more than your -ism. [Read more...]

Summer Solstice Homemade Barbecue Sauce UPDATE

bbq skewerHappy Summer Solstice! Do you know what that means? Yeah, yeah the earth tilts the Northern Hemisphere towards the sun and it’s the longest day of the year and all that, but also, cookout time is in full swing! And with that I’m bringing you an update to my homemade barbecue sauce post. I got lots of requests for a real recipe that non-foodies can more easily follow. So you got it!

I made another batch today and carefully noted the amounts of ingredients that I used, however, this is just the base, once you get this you can tweak the spices or add your fruit or alcohol specialty. This is for a big batch but this recipe is easy to cut in half. Once you try this I guarantee you’ll leave that jankified high fructose corn syrup and caramel coloring laden store bought sauce behind forever! [Read more...]

My Foodie Story

The Beginning

I was born a foodie. I have memories as a toddler making my grandmother draw pictures of birthday cakes. In elementary school I always had notebooks with photos of things like red juicy strawberries or cupcakes with cherries on top. I wanted to be a cook at the Rainbow Diner, not because I liked or had ever even been in the raggedy place, I just liked the name. My featured dish would be “goodie stew”, a horrifying conglomeration of all things that taste good, to include peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, french fries…you get the picture.

prom dressBack in those days I was a skinny child, all the way through high school I was size zero or 2. I ate whatever, whenever, and even had a period of time that I was addicted to corner store candy. I didn’t grow up around insecure women on a diet and worried about being fat. The women I knew were comfortable with their bodies and had other things to think about.

So, all this to say I was all about some food! food! food! (which is what I exclaimed whenever I found out about some food in the office we worked in) and that I wasn’t obsessed with body image. Despite being a descendant of two generations of non-cooking women, I was inspired to teach myself to cook from scratch.

Fast forward several years. I’m about halfway through law school and have a 2 year old baby. It was my birthday. Somebody took pictures and when I saw them I thought whoa! I’m a fatass! Now wait, before all the therapist-types swoop in to feed me some psychobabble about self esteem, fatass was merely a silly exaggeration of the fact that I was overweight, for the first time in my life.

Now although I hadn’t experienced “diet culture” I knew a lot about nutrition. I had read my mother’s orange nutrition college textbook over and over since I was around ten. So I ate right and went to this weight loss doctor who gave me weekly B12 shots and gave me an extremely strict diet. I lost the 30 extra pounds and kept it off for six years. Until it slowly crept back up. So I went back to the doc. But this time it didn’t work. [Read more...]

This is Why I Do What I Do:



Best Butt Ever!!?? This is just cray-cray.

Don’t get me wrong but I don’t want the poor chile to feel bad about her miniscule booty even though I certainly would (I’m sure it probably doesn’t look quite that shapeless in real life, it was seriously Photoshopped) but to praise these as the BEST BUTTOCKS…and THIS fitness nonsense is what somebody thinks we should aspire to? Just stop. This is not for Goddesses.

Wellness Coaching: A Foo-Foo She-She Luxe Service or Absolute Necessity?

healthylifeWellness coaches are professionals who work with individual clients or groups to help them to establish a healthy lifestyle that fits realistically into the client’s world while honoring all aspects of life including culture, fitness level, climate, career, family, budget, schedule, cooking skill level and tastes. Wellness coaches have a general knowledge of nutritional concepts in terms of health maintenance and disease prevention. They often work in concert with medical doctors or nutritionists, or clients who have received a particular diagnosis to work out the logistics of incorporating recommendations.

Take Suzi (fictional client) for example. Suzi went in for her annual physical, as she does every year. But this time, bloodwork results came back a little different. Her triglyceride and cholesterol levels were slightly elevated and while she does not have diabetes, she is pre-diabetic. She knows how to eat well but she finds it to be time-consuming and cumbersome. She can maintain for a few days at a time but then she always gets sidetracked back to convenience food. Suzi HATES exercise! She has joined gyms numerous times, only to let every single one of her memberships languish. Suzi grew up eating rich and hearty soul food and she still loves it. She has had enough of celebrity recipe conversions like Oprah’s jankified cornflake baked chicken instead of fried nonsense. She is willing to experiment with new soulful but healthy dishes instead of cockeyed patch-jobs to the typical fare.

Suzi is worried that if she doesn’t change course right away, she will regret it in a big way. Her doctor gave her some suggestions but she gets frustrated because her list of foods and how many minutes of daily exercise she should take is useless without some hands-on guidance.

For Suzi a wellness coach could:

  • Help her to follow her doctor’s orders to a T;
  • Make her comfortable asking questions she thought might be stupid without judgement;

  • Give her some basics so she can invent her own recipes based on her likes;

  • Help her figure out how she can incorporate movement into her daily life

  • Take away the stress of the whole situation

But wait, wellness coaches can also fill the role of helping clients to invent creative ways to expand their choices regarding what to do, eat, use to look and feel their best, even if they are not experiencing serious health challenges.

[Read more...]