A Healthy Lifestyle Shouldn’t be a Living Hell.

Luxuriate in wellness!  Live every day like a Goddess of health, beauty, confidence, and abundance.  End the cycle of corny affirmations, jank fitness plans, unrealistic goals, unsustainable results, guilt, frustration and feeling like a hot mess.  Instead, incorporate fun movement, sensuous nutrition, joy and simplicity into your own juicy wellness plan. Here you’ll discover new ways to manage stress, be gorgeous, boost your body image, get fit on your own terms, and most importantly, savor the good life.  I’m LifeBliss Lisa, and this lifestyle blog is about my favorite things:

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Wellness Coaching: A Foo-Foo She-She Luxe Service or Absolute Necessity?

healthylifeWellness coaches are professionals who work with individual clients or groups to help them to establish a healthy lifestyle that fits realistically into the client’s world while honoring all aspects of life including culture, fitness level, climate, career, family, budget, schedule, cooking skill level and tastes. Wellness coaches have a general knowledge of nutritional concepts in terms of health maintenance and disease prevention. They often work in concert with medical doctors or nutritionists, or clients who have received a particular diagnosis to work out the logistics of incorporating recommendations.

Take Suzi (fictional client) for example. Suzi went in for her annual physical, as she does every year. But this time, bloodwork results came back a little different. Her triglyceride and cholesterol levels were slightly elevated and while she does not have diabetes, she is pre-diabetic. She knows how to eat well but she finds it to be time-consuming and cumbersome. She can maintain for a few days at a time but then she always gets sidetracked back to convenience food. Suzi HATES exercise! She has joined gyms numerous times, only to let every single one of her memberships languish. Suzi grew up eating rich and hearty soul food and she still loves it. She has had enough of celebrity recipe conversions like Oprah’s jankified cornflake baked chicken instead of fried nonsense. She is willing to experiment with new soulful but healthy dishes instead of cockeyed patch-jobs to the typical fare.

Suzi is worried that if she doesn’t change course right away, she will regret it in a big way. Her doctor gave her some suggestions but she gets frustrated because her list of foods and how many minutes of daily exercise she should take is useless without some hands-on guidance.

For Suzi a wellness coach could:

  • Help her to follow her doctor’s orders to a T;
  • Make her comfortable asking questions she thought might be stupid without judgement;

  • Give her some basics so she can invent her own recipes based on her likes;

  • Help her figure out how she can incorporate movement into her daily life

  • Take away the stress of the whole situation

But wait, wellness coaches can also fill the role of helping clients to invent creative ways to expand their choices regarding what to do, eat, use to look and feel their best, even if they are not experiencing serious health challenges.

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Keep Calm and Move your Ass!

No need to do boot camp or marathons to get healthy.

I don’t talk a whole lot about exercise on here and generally it will stay that way. But right now let’s talk moveyourassabout this. We have to do it! There’s no way around it. We keep on forgetting that exercise isn’t for the sole purpose of losing and maintaining a healthy weight. We can read the medical journals all day long but most of us know of someone in real life who has taken control and reversed health problems like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even cancer. But just in case,

Currently, modern chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cancer, are the leading killers in Westernized society and are increasing rampantly in developing nations. In fact, obesity, diabetes, and hypertension are now even commonplace in children. Clearly, however, there is a solution to this epidemic of metabolic disease that is inundating today’s societies worldwide: exercise and diet. ~Roberts CK, Barnard RJ.J Appl Physiol (1985). 2005 Jan;98(1):3-30

This is nothing new. But I still hear craziness like, “oh you’re not really fat, why are you so concerned about getting in your exercise?” I just sigh. [Read more...]

Eating Well is All about the Attitude!

vegpizzaI don’t why healthy eating has such a bad rap. Well, actually, yes I do. But it so doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, in my life it just doesn’t, and I’m not lying.

You see, it’s all about perception. If you treat something like it’s the worst thing in the world then it will become so. For me, healthy eating is decadent. How? Let me explain. I’m a Goddess and Goddesses don’t eat nasty ass crap that either looks dingy, doesn’t taste good, or will eventually wreak havoc on our bodies. Check out that link, I promise you won’t believe the horror!

I know that it is ideal to have non-grain plant based foods 60-70% of my diet. I’ll be honest, I don’t always get there but I try to get as close as I can to that goal without beating myself up when I don’t.  That said, if I have to eat all those vegetables, then they’d better be damn good. Remember, I don’t eat nasty ass crap. I just don’t. I made that decision years ago. So all that horrifically bland sticks and stones diet food? They don’t exist in my world.

My world and my kitchen is full of colorful, flavorful vegetables I can prepare all kinds of ways. Sometimes I feel like going old school, so I cook up some greens and blackeyed peas with some homemade whole grain corn bread. Other times (mostly) I like to make it international. Whether that means whipping up a totally random vegetable curry, gratin, pizza or stir fry, or adding vegetables to everyday dishes like chili and spaghetti, it’s all good. When my windows are open I know passersby can get a whiff of all that deliciousness because I hook it up just right. I wasn’t born knowing how to do this, it took years and years of trial and error, and experiments imposed on my poor family. But now I can share what I know. [Read more...]

Nutrilicious Smoothies with Lisa! VIDEO

I finally, finally FINALLY learned how to create my own videos. I had to learn how to use the camera, the tripod and the editor. So here we are with a video about smoothies. It’s a little rough, (my first run) but enjoy!

Stop Hating on Vegetables and Change your Life

vegetables grilledI hate vegetables! I hear this all the time, from people embarking on a nutrilicious lifestyle. Problem is, you can’t live a nutrilicious lifestyle without them. But there are ways to make it work.

You see, the cornerstone of excellent health and beauty is vegetable consumption, point blank. No matter what healthy eating plan you choose, or whatever expert you consult, it’s going to include large amounts of fresh, whole vegetables. There is just no way around it.

Generally, vegetables, especially dark green leafy kinds are some of the most nutrient dense foods we can eat. By nutrient dense I mean that these have the highest level of nutrients for the amount of calories they cost us. In other words, the foods you can get the most bang for your (calorie) buck! (Not that I count them, but good to know).

So you hate vegetables. ALL vegetables? What the…Well, right now it’s time to put on your big-girl (grown and sexy) panties because that’s just not going to work here in all this nutriliciousness, but don’t worry, I’m here to help. [Read more...]

Fab Friday: Eyebrow Grooming!

This thing speaks for itself. OMG, the horror!

Eyebrows frame your peepers. They have to be groomed. Perfect eyebrows are a personal obsession for me,  and there is only one salon that I’ll ever allow to touch my beauties, Georgetown Rejuvenation in Arlington VA. (Tell them I sent you) If you’re not in this area it’s important that you don’t just go to any-ole’ body to shape your brows.

  • Look at the brows of the beautician.  If they’re a hot mess, run away!
  • Don’t let the mean lady at the nail salon do your eyebrows.
  • I prefer threading over waxing, but if you do wax, pay attention to the hygiene.
  • Tell the beautician to follow the natural shape of your brow
  • Thin brows age a face. Keep them thick.
  • Start with a clean face, wash again afterwards, and apply a soothing anti-bacterial or cortisone cream.
  • If your brows are uneven or patchy, you can get a natural-looking tattoo.
  • Dying the brows slightly darker than the hair on your hair may be all that is needed to perfect the look.

Fab Friday: Don’t Shlump!

slouchBy now you probably know what I mean by shlump, shlumpy, shlumptitude…if not then listen here: Slouch + frump = shlump, which is not only a posture and (lack of) style, but a state of mind. A shlump is someone who just gave up, and is resolved to living a life that is dull and flaccid and completely lacking (both physical and spirit) energy. Shlumping represents a vicious cycle of sluggishness, unhappiness, and ultimately, poor health. Shlumping doesn’t occur overnight, you don’t just wake up one day shlumpy. The change is so gradual that most people don’t even realize it at all. It usually starts with settling in to a workaday lifestyle. Having less and less time to relax and have fun is most often the initial culprit. Boredom and fatigue lead to eating poor quality convenience foods, weight gain, lack of activity, bad body image, and more boredom and fatigue. [Read more...]

Fab Friday: Don’t be a Punk, Go on and Get a Physical

I know this is a little unexpected for a beauty series but we all know that beauty is just health made visible, right? So it makes perfect sense that medicalgetting an annual check up would be a major step in a health/beauty regimen, right? But if you’re like me, you avoid the doctor like the plague. I can’t stand all that poking and prodding and meddling. But right now it’s time to grow up. The absolute worst part of the ordeal is when they go and suck the blood out of my arm (or hand if my veins are hiding). I hate to imagine what they would be doing to me if it turned out that I had some chronic problem that went undetected for years and years and graduated to crisis status.

On the brighter side, a physical could reveal any problem that could be keeping excess weight on and get it solved so you can finally slim down. Or an exam could give the all clear for you to start [Read more...]

Fab Friday: A Candid Talk about Hair


Remember her “long luxurious blonde hair”?

Since I could understand words, we have been obsessed with having long hair. From expensive potions to DIY wives’ tales, super hair gro grease and everything in between was bought and sold in the name of getting long hair like the Asian lady on Soul Train. But that was back in the 1970s.

Fast forward to now, the obsession still exists but of course there are more ways to feed it: Weaves and wigs. Now I don’t want to get beat up, but I hate them both. It perpetuates a dark and nasty history that I would just prefer to forget. I’m not even going into the cultural implications of the wig and weave craziness because you all know what I’m talking about. Now you can just buy hair as long as you want, but is that really such a great thing? And then the natural hair movement came along (a good thing) but with it came a cryptic classification system for identifying texture and length that I still don’t get (until now, writing this post) and photos of people tugging at the back of their hair to prove how long it is, What in the hell!??:

Really, ladies? This just seems desperate. [Read more...]

Fab Friday: Establish, Re-establish, or Update Facial Skin Care Routine for Long Term Results

Do you have a skin care routine? If so, how is it working? What used to work back in the day (even if back in the day wasn’t that long ago) may not be effective now, to maintain smooth, clear, soft skin. Over the span of several years I’ve had normal skin, dry skin, and super dry, parched skin and I’ve had to adjust my routine every time it changed.

How is your skin? Is it clear and radiant? Or splotchy and muddled? Are you struggling with acne, rosacea, dryness or oiliness? Could the condition be better? It takes TIME for skin to heal and improve so starting now, while it’s cold and we’re mostly indoors is key. Giving yourself a little internal boost with The Best Foods for Clear Skin can’t hurt either.

The last thing you should do is go to the department store cosmetic counter and let the ladies tell you what to put on your skin. Let’s be real here, nobody knows your skin (and how you feel about your skin) better than you do. I can’t even count how many times I got some bad advice about what to use, or was told that I had some problem that I didn’t even know (or care) I had. So start by just rinsing your face very very well in the morning after you wake up with nothing on your face. Wait 20 minutes and pay attention to how it feels. How does it look? What looks great? What bothers you? [Read more...]