Customized Healthy Eating and Diabetes Prevention Success Strategies for Busy Women who LOVE Food because...

Food is meant to be Savored,
not Scrutinized, Rationed,
Feared and Demonized

Freedom. Decadence. Energy.

Does Healthy Eating Make you Feel Miserable?

Live Deliciously in the Diet-Free Zone

Diet plans and weight loss systems rarely work long term, because they’re stressful and they always suck. Too often, even so-called healthy lifestyle change programs are nothing but diets in disguise.

It's way past the time to leave behind the days when healthy living meant suffering through gimmicky diets, boot camps, detoxes, meal shakes, challenges, and cleanses, over and over again. There is a better way.

End Weight Problems & Prediabetes!

With a Nutrilicious Lifestyle that Feels Luxurious

I'll help you with realistic and sustainable ways to reverse the risks of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and end weight loss struggles for good by bringing decadence and pleasure back to food, eating and life in general.

You'll discover a brand-spankin’ new (or practical old skool) healthy that’s sensuous, less demanding and simpler to maintain so you can finally stop living in this constant state of self care crisis. You will feel like you won the physical energy and carefree beauty lottery, and wonder why you didn't do this years ago.

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About Lisa

LifeBliss Lisa

I'm Lisa Branscomb, certified food and lifestyle coach for weight loss and diabetes prevention and trained home chef. I'm also a mom, wifey, foodie, juris doctor, tantrika, professional bellydancer and damn fool actor too!

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Why Work/w Lisa?

Kickass Lifestyle Upgrade

Boost physical energy and do more of what you love

Live longer, enjoy your kids, grandkids and great-grands

Lose weight, glow and look fabulous

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